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Nombre del Producto TECLADO + MOUSE ESP. GENIUS KB C100 PS/2 
Precio $00.00
Standard dektop combo
Great desktop kit for great convenience
KB C100 combines comfortable keyboard and optical mouse from Genius for your easy life.
This high-durability, compact keyboard is a light weight keyboard. Its “slender” design is specifically for desktop PCs, and it offers a one touch mode to make your keyboard sleep and wake up.
With no mouse ball to get dirty, the mouse requires no mouse pad and cleaning necessary. You will still feel comfortable even if you use it for a long time. KB C100 is a worthy desktop kit at affordable price.
Key features:
Geat design give comfort to your hands
One touch to sleep mode
Enhanced precision with optical egine; eliminates dust accumulation
Comfortable fitted fro long time uses
Keyboard :
105/106/107/108/110 key compatible layout
One Touch sleep and wake mode
Membrane tactile switches give comfort to your fingers
Supports € sign for European countries
Enhanced precision with optical engine eliminates moving parts and accumulation
Comfortable fit for either hand and for long-term use
Interface PS/2
Key Cap Structure Standard
Number of Hot keys: Keyboard 1
Resolution (dpi) 800
Number of Button : Mouse 3
System Requirements:
IBM PC Pentium compatible or higher
Windows 2003/XP/Me/2000/98

Garantía: 10 meses
Stock Disponible 10
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